Closing Extended : 02ND JULY 2017      --      Judging Date : 12TH JULY 2017      --      Result Date : 16TH JULY 2017      --      Catalogue & Award : 26TH AUGUST 2017
Exhibition Date : 10TH SEPTEMBER 2017


1. Mr. S.P. Mukherjee - EFIAP
2. Mr. Partha Sarathi Sarkar - EFIAP, ARPS, Hon.PESGSPC
3. Mr. Tapas Bhowmick - AFIAP
4. Mr. Debidas Banerjee - EFIAP, HON. PESGSPC
5. Mr. Sanat Kumar Das - EFIAP
6. Mr. Basudeb Maity - AFIAP
7. Mr. Subrata Bysack - EFIAP, MPSA, GPU CROWN 4, FFIP, BEPSS, Hon.PESGSPC
8. Gobinda Chakraborty - EFIAP, RISF-3, AISF, AICS, ASWAN, Hon.FICS, Hon.EFMPA, Hon.EUSPA, Hon.FSWAN, Hon.PESGSPC, Hon.IUP
9. Abhijit Bhattacharyya - AFIAP, FFIP
ALL Images must be the original work of the entrant. If two or more similar images are entered by the same author, the first one getting the acceptance score will be considered for acceptance or award, the other images will not be considered. Images may be altered, either digitally or otherwise, by the maker and artwork or computer graphics created by the entrant may be incorporated if the photographic content SOLELY predominates & the entire components of the picture are entirely from the entrant.

Entry is open to all Indian photographers, amateur and professional.

Sections: (A) Open Monochrome (B) Open Colour (C) Nature and (D) Photo Travel. All are digital Sections. An author may submit a maximum of 4 images in each section i.e. total 16 images from 4 sections. Images for each section should be uploaded via website.

Result Notification will be sent by E-Mail as well as displayed on website Download section.

Permission to reproduce images in the catalogue or for publicity is assumed. Each entrant will receive free of charge a best quality digital Web-Catalogue of awarded and accepted works.

All Acceptances are eligible for statistics applicable towords FIP distinctions.

The decision of the Panel of selectors is final and binding, no further appeal will be entertained.

Participants are requested to send their entries, Entry Fee etc. well in advance. Late entries will not be entertained and the Entry Fee will be retained. If the entry fee is not received within the closing date, Entries may not be considered for selection.

Specifications to be maintained for all Images :: Maximum File size : 1 MB, Resolution : 72 dpi. Longest side : 1024 pixels / Vertical side : 768 pixels Colour mode : RGB/sRGB. Image format : JPG/JPEG. Image Title must be within 30 characters.

While every effort is made to ensure safe handling of all entries, KUPA accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur. It is a condition of entering that you acknowledge that your entry has no commercial value. Submission of Entries to the Salon implies acceptance of the above regulations.

Please read the above regulations carefully and try to avoid unnecessary correspondences. Still for further queries, if, any, contact us at